Do you have ideas on how to ensure a transparent environment in Europe? Can you imagine how the use of open data would contribute to an environment that is resistant to corruption, based on trust and honesty? Can you offer solutions and measures for fostering an anti-corruption culture?

Registration for the INTEGRITY HACKATHON

We invite teams who want to represent their company, organization or university, as well as individuals who will be put together into teams before the start of the hackathon to register for participation.

Your team may consist of 3-5 people.

Registration is open until September 22.

We will contact the selected teams after their registration. Individually registered persons will be grouped into teams. All participants of the hackathon will be provided with information regarding the rules and the program.

When registering, don’t forget to choose your challenge.

  • The purpose of the hackathon is to solve challenges, create and act here and now, so it is not allowed to apply commercial solutions that are already in use.
  • Participants from all over the world are welcome as long as they consider transparency a virtue.
  • On September 29-30 at least one team member (team leader or others) must participate and log in to the event platform.
  • Hackathon participants aiming to reach the finals and win prizes will have to record videos presenting their idea/prototype, present them during the live broadcast and answer the panel’s questions during the semi-finals on September 30.
  • Ownership of ideas, prototypes or other creations created during the hackathon belongs solely to the creators/authors.

Hackathon organizers reserve the right to prematurely suspend registration and remove participants without notice in case those participants do not comply with the rules and Integrity Hackathon values.

On September 29-30th the teams will communicate with mentors and panel members in a virtual way. And on November 11th we will meet in Vilnius together with three best teams which will participate in the finals of the hackathon to win the most innovative idea for a more transparent Europe.


A valuable prize awaits winners of the hackathon. You have the possibility to win a 15 000 EUR check for a remote course at prestigious universities in different parts of the world!

You will have the possibility to choose distance learning at the following universities*:

These are courses in leadership, IT engineering, artificial intelligence, management, communication and other fields and they have been prepared by the world’s leading scientists and practitioners. Intensive remote courses will help you generate successful ideas and implement them. Get knowledge from professionals in your field!

* Prize conditions

  1. After winning the prize, each team member is invited to choose at most 2 remote courses and inform the hackathon organizers about the choice within a week.
  2. The total price of the courses chosen by the team cannot exceed 15000 EUR.
  3. Selected courses are paid for by the organizers from the prize fund. Team members can choose courses from different universities on the list, according to the desired field of specialization.